Chandra Sriram Early Career Fellowship

In honour of Chandra Sriram’s lifetime work on peace and justice, the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG) is hosting Adriana Rincón Villegas for a one month fellowship in its office in Amsterdam. Adriana is a doctoral candidate in Global Governance & Human Security at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston and a Visiting Fellow of the Latin American Research Centre at the University of Calgary.

Adriana is currently completing her dissertation, “The Gender of Peace: Law, Discourse, and Power in Colombia” in the Department of Global Governance and Human Security at UMass, Boston. A native of Colombia, Adriana aims to identify the gender assumptions, roles, and identities embedded in the language of three institutional peace notions in Colombia: peace as national security (1958-1982), peace as a constitutional right (1991) and territorial peace (2016). Drawing from de-colonial feminism, critical approaches to law, and critical peace studies, and influenced by Sriram, Adriana’s work addresses the contested, contradictory, and disparate meanings of peace, and the gendered assumptions embedded in them.

As the Chandra Sriram Early Career Fellow, Adriana will partake in the upcoming Amsterdam Dialogue conference. The Amsterdam Dialogue is a high-level conference on peace and justice in situations of violent conflict. Organised by DAG in partnership with Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group, the conference brings together peace mediators, human rights advocates and senior officials, including the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Bringing together mediators and human rights advocates provides participants with a closed-door forum to bridge differences, deepen understanding, and strengthen cooperation on peace and justice issues. Adriana will have the opportunity to engage with high-level participants working in peace and justice issues across the globe. Following the conference, Adriana will support DAG in assessing the outcomes of the conference and compiling an analytical report on the substance of the conference.

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