Kerry Prior

I wanted to thank you for putting up the website about Chandra, her work and her life. The website helps to come to terms with her death. I am one of the 2 PhD students that Chandra currently supported at UEL and we are both very shocked about her sudden death. I also write about transitional justice in Colombia and Chandra supported me so much and was such a good mentor. I could speak to her about absolutely anything and I admired her so much for her work. She was very special with me and always so supportive. We went to ISA this year together for a panel and I couldn’t believe that I was on a panel with Chandra, whose books I read during my MA and which guided me through University. She was so humble and so special and I always tried to tell her that her work is outstanding but I even felt as if she did not believe me. Going through the lists of things she likes and does not I was smiling thinking about the many times she would make us take a taxi and not an Uber because of her very strong views about Uber. She also did not like Paris airport and the cheese sandwiches on KLM as far as I remember. 

When I heard about Chandras death I immediately thought about her mother. The last times we spoke she was very worried about her mom and I am devastated that her mother has now lost her child which should not be the order. 

With my deepest sympathies and condolence to her friends and mother.

Kerry Prior

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