Sara Solmone

My name is Sara and I am a final year PhD student. Chandra was my supervisor.

Thank you very much for having set up this website.

I still cannot believe what happened and am deeply saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to talk to or see Chandra anymore.

Chandra was not just an outstanding scholar, she was a good person as well and this combination is quite hard to find in academia.

She was a great supervisor, and a great example of a strong, intelligent, funny and generous woman that I looked up to.

She has always believed in me and I have spent three years working with her for which I will always be grateful.

I will miss Chandra very very much.

My deepest sympathies to her mother and friends.


PS: In addition to the likes and dislikes section, Chandra liked going to the Bistrotheque, while disliked commuting or changing lines on the tube.